some thoughts about “Another Earth”

I was recently watching “Another Earth” for the 2nd time, when some thoughts came into my mind. And I would like to share them with the world.

The most prominent feature of this art cinema is that the main plot is developing against a background of another planet up in the sky, very close to the Earth, which literally is another Earth and even has a Moon too. It just mysteriously appears in the Sky at the beginning of the film and stays there until the end.

I can’t say for sure that writers implied exactly what I think of the symbolism of this movie, but that’s the greatest feature of the art cinema – it actually invokes deep thinking seeking to comprehend the meaning of symbols, feelings and so forth. And different people may have various ideas and understanding.

I would point out two main themes in “Another Earth”: the first is about aspirations of a collective mind of the whole humanity; the second deals with an identity of one and every human-being. In fact both are very closely connected.

Have you ever asked yourself – why humans are so obsessed with finding life outside our planet ? I believe it has to do with our subconscious desire to understand ourselves, to realize – who we are and what is our role. And the reason why it is so, is that the best way to do that is through someone (or something) another, in the most wide sense.

Many people think that it doesn’t matter whether we find a primitive lifeforms or more advanced than we are; it would help us to understand ourselves in any case. In the movie this idea, I reckon, is presented in the most exaggerated and concentrated way – a mirror world, just above us.

However, for me the most interesting theme is that of a personal aspect. We have that main character, Rhoda, who is struggling to get over the catastrophe in her life. She is trying to understand who she is and to find a solid ground, that could help her not to give up. And then that first contact happens, when people realize that there is another “me” of every person on Earth, a duplicate being, living the same life.

I believe that the main idea here is that every human-being has a deep-rooted need to understand itself. And perhaps the most effective way to achieve that is to reflect on yourself through another person. That is why relationships are of such a great importance for humans. So, here we have, obviously, a correlation between the collective mind of humanity and the insatiable desire of individuals to know about themselves. We need “another” being as a mirror of our own soul.

And if you met another “you”, what would you say ?


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