The Zodiac and an evolution of a soul




I would like to tell you about an evolution of a soul in this world from the point of veiw of the zodiac comprised of 12 signs.


The evolutionary process of the Soul (particularly highly evolved sentient beings) commences in the sign of Aries. It’s can be described the best by imagining a baby who has just appeared in this world, covered in blood, screaming and so on. Aries being the most individualistic sign represents the qualities person manifests, such as initiative, straightforwardness, courage, but also lack of willing to contemplate, weigh, compromise. Aries can be compared to a child, who always has a spontaneous and honest attitude towards the world. The keyword here is Self. Once a Soul has revealed its ego in the world it is ready to move on and grow.


And the next step would be the interaction with the material world in terms of gaining pleasures and providing material security. And this is a domain of Venus and the sign that it rules – Taurus. So the main focus here is on material side of life, in which most of people are involved 99 % of their lives here, on Earth, working, buying and enjoying things, eating, trying to provide for themselves and their families. And the keyword for Taurus is – stability.


Once material desires are satisfied to some degree, a person starts to pay more attention to other beings. And themes which come into first place here are communication with others, exchange of information by speaking, writing and gesturing and a need to enjoy through interacting with others. The sign that represents all these things is Gemini, ruled by Mercury. This is the sign where a Soul starts to realize itself more deeply, compared to the previous two signs, because now it is able to see its reflection in others. The keyword here is communication.


Interaction with others is a part of life, where feelings of a person are the most prominent, as well as the most vulnerable. And there is a natural need to protect them therefore. And Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is the sign of protection of feelings first of all. This is the first water sign of the zodiac. And water is feelings and emotions. In the sign of Cancer water is not deep, but rather shallow, which has to do with mind (Moon represents mind) being uncomfortable in situations where it is forced to deal with intense and deep emotions that may hurt a soul (this is the reason why Moon is debilitated in the sign of Scorpio). Basically a soul wants to love and be loved, and that is what Cancer represents – protection of a feeling of selfless love (such as of a mother to her child). The keyword – emotional security.


After a living being has secured its emotions and feels comfortable, the need for self-expression naturally arises. A person has inner peace and security and therefore is able to express creativity, intellect and personal power. It is ready to shine in the world, like the Sun. And this is the nature of Leo, ruled by the Sun. You can clearly see how the previous sign connected to that of Leo, because only then you are able to create something beautiful, when you feel inspiration, which is derived from love in one way or another. The creativity can be expressed in many ways, including arts, establishing authority and creation of new life. Keyword here – self-expression.


However in order to create something or to maintain creation one needs to face different issues as a rule and pay attention to a lot of details. The second sign, ruled by Mercury – Virgo, relates to overcoming any kind of obstacles, such as enemies, deceases and so forth. And the best way to do so is to use intellectual power and analytical mind to pinpoint a problem and then resolve it, using the most effective solution available. That is why Virgo is the sign, where Mercury feels most comfortable. Here a soul must learn not only to express itself in a creative manner, but also to do so with full awareness and responsibility. The keyword here is overcoming.


Resolving problems and overcoming obstacles almost always involves relationships with other people. And here it’s perhaps not as much about just communication as it was in case of Gemini, but rather about higher level of relationship that has a strong ethical element as a foundation. As you have probably already guessed, it relates to Venus and the sign ruled by it – Libra. It has to do with compromising and finding a common ground, which can be used to create and maintain relationship between living beings. It also implies being honest and just to other people, since this is the only way to be in healthy and mutually satisfactory relationship. Libra sign also has connection to the patience and even time itself in some sense (that is why Saturn, planet of time is exalted in Libra), as patience is often required in relationships. In the highest and most abstract sense Libra, the 7th sign of zodiac, represents others (other-yourself) and any sort of relations with them. Keyword here is compromising.


As such relations with others are often the source of intense feelings, they carry a powerful energy of transformation, which is the next keyword. Transformation comes to us through the energy of Scorpio, ruled by fierce Mars. Scorpio is the second water sign of the zodiac and it represents deeper and much more dangerous water, then Cancer, because it is unknown water, and that which is unknown more often than not frightens us and lures at the same time. Unconscious part of mind is a reflection of the Scorpio nature. Unlike other water signs, Scorpio also represents a fixed water (like frozen one) rather than fluid, which has to do with clinging to something or someone that one must let go eventually in order to be able to evolve. Overcoming the dark side of Scorpio, which is about obsession and desire for total control, is an important part of evolutionary process of the soul.

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But the night is darkest before the dawn. And if we manage to go through it, we’ll see the light of wisdom. Having come through the Abyss within ourselves, a soul needs to get a sense of meaning in life, to get in touch with higher wisdom. That is a domain of Jupiter and particularly its sign – Sagittarius. At this point a living being gets involved in searching of truth (through studying philosophy, religion, gaining knowledge from various sources), because it has a feeling that there is a much bigger picture, than it has used to see and it’s important to find its own place in this picture. If you do that, you feel more optimistic and ready to move forward, into the future carrying your new ideas (hopefully good ones). Keyword here is higher knowledge.


The next part of evolutionary process of a soul derives from the previous, meaning that when a living being has gained knowledge and an idea regarding what path in life to follow, next come an effort to implement that knowledge. It usually requires hard work, perseverance and determination – qualities represented by the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This area deals with one’s karma, because we are judged by our deeds and depending upon how well we are able to perform our duties and achieve certain goals, we are judged by others (and by ourselves). It’s important to have Saturn’s qualities here, such as discipline and patience, since success rarely comes right away to us, and we need to understand the meaning of time and have a right attitude regarding it. The keyword here is persistence.


Aquarius comes after Capricorn and is also ruled by Saturn. On a personal level it has to do with our highest goals in life, our aspirations and ambitions. It represents fruits of our actions and hard work, our highest potential. Since at a certain point of life, a human being is ready to make an impact on this world in one way or another. In that sense Aquarius is a sign of contribution, of giving away (look at the symbol) and even sacrificing. Along with Scorpio it is the most karmic sign, which is no surprise, since Saturn is a karmic planet itself. Naturally it relates to large-scale things in this world (such as big organizations, international affairs), scientific theories and any things that are conducive to going outside of conventional boundaries, bringing big changes to our existence. This is quite ironic, since Saturn is a planet that sets boundaries for each and everyone. However this makes sense if you ponder it, because the one who knows the limitations and boundaries can, like no one and nothing else, help to transcend them. The keyword here – highest achievments.


The last sign of the whole zodiac is the culmination of an evolutionary process of a soul. Pisces, ruled by the greatest benefic planet – Jupiter. This is the sign of spirituality, of another world. The third of water signs – the deepest water, where everything dissolves and becomes an eternal union. A final liberation. When a long path is left behind, and there are no more desires, delusions and ignorance, a living-being is ready to return home, to its eternal source. The sign of Aries (the beginning) and the sign of Pisces (the end) are very similar, as they are both realated to that point zero, nothingness, from which everything originates. Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning that it can become anything. Every living-being eventually has to comprehend itself and become fully aware of its nature, which is possible only by walking the path of spirituality. Only then the final and ultimate goal of life in this material world is reached and the evolution process is no more. Keyword – liberation.

In this way the Evolution of a soul occurs here, in a material world: begining with self-assertion and seeking stability of material existence, continuing with communication with others and  enjoyment; then seeking emotional security and ways for self-expression; learning how to deal with life hurdles and use intellect; going through relationships with others, expiriencing emotional transformation and then trying to find and comprehend higher wisdom; working persistently to fulfill its karma and achieve highest goals and finally coming to the point of renunciation of everything related to this world and becoming one with its source.


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