Thoughts about modern cosmology

I’ve had a discussion with my farther recently. It was about the possible discovery of extraterrestrial life. He is quite concerned with the space and all those modern scientific theories, you can so often come across on scientific TV channels. So I just asked him why is he, like many others, is so eager to know that there is life somewhere in space, outside of our planet and what that would mean for him personally if extraterrestrial life was actually discovered. He said that would be the greatest moment in human history, indescribable experience and it would reinvigorate him; he also wondered how is that I don’t understand that myself.

But the thing is I rather understand what is this all about. And I want to share my thoughts with you. Humanity seems to be quite obsessed with space exploration nowadays and more so with the finding clues that life exists somewhere apart from our planet. Scientists tell us how unbelievable and important that would be if some microorganisms were found beneath the ice of Europe, Jupiter’s satellite, or signs of ever-existed life were discovered on Mars and what not…

I see this obsession as a sign of weakness and unwillingness to face our greatest challenges here on Earth. Scientists mislead people (and pop culture facilitate this greatly) into thinking that there is something of great importance out there that has yet to be discovered. In fact there is nothing more important than our current existence here on earth. We have so much to do here. Why there are wars, almost constantly waging here, why the majority of people are not happy living here and forced to survive, why do we persistently contaminate the planet, and so many other whys exist. How discovering of any sort of life on some remote planet going to help us to evolve and resolve all those problems, make us better or happier ?

Besides what do we have to offer another world or even another planetary civilization ? I believe in our current state – nothing, except moral degradation, wars for resources (extremely popular theme in modern movies and games by the way) and contamination. We have to evolve in order to make the next step. It may take some time of course, but there is no other way.

Ironically, once we have evolved and elevated our miserable existence into higher level, we may find out that we don’t need to go anywhere, since those who had been coming in contact with us in the times past, might start doing that again. There are many references to the visitors from another planets in ancient texts, who were coming to share their wisdom with us, to guide us. But now it is all gone and all we have are numerous reports of  unidentified flying objects in our atmosphere and beyond. They don’t come into direct contact anymore, preferring to observe. Why ? Because we’ve become ignorant and weak, so “they” most likely consider it is no use to help us right now. We must overcome our weakness ourselves, not the other way around.

Science must serve our greatest needs, especially now, when we have so many challenges to confront. And finding “little green men” somewhere in the space is certainly not one of them.

Our goal now is to cast aside everything that hampers our progress as spiritual living-beings and utterly focus on resolving our problems, creating qualitatively new civilization.


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