Some observations regarding relationships

I’ve been facing a lot of disappointment in relationships of various kinds recently, when people behaved in  a way I, myself, wouldn’t. And that made me to ponder this issue, as to why is this happening and what my reaction should be. My approach towards relationships in general is that I always try to be sincere with people no matter what (this is just feels natural to me). But in response often times I get the opposite – dishonesty, mendacity and what not…

Of course it is painful to be deceived in some way or another, especially if this is some close type of relationship, but I believe it’s important to understand that often it is we ourselves who deceive us in the first place. It happens because sometimes we see people as we want them to be, not what they really are, and thus all  sorts of illusions and false expectations come into play, leading to disappointments eventually.

Having realized that, what would the best course of actions be as far as such painful relationships concerned ? Perhaps the best thing to do is to stay yourself. After all, the only person you are responsible for is yourself, meaning that you can’t control what others do or think, neither you need it. All you need is to be sincere with yourself, and when this is the case you automatically treat people with sincerity, because it’s just painful for you to do otherwise. And even if you’ve faced ignorance, dishonesty and have been treated badly in one way or another, don’t let disappointment, anger or hate to take over you. This is very important. Contemplate these feelings as they arise within you, but don’t let them take the lead. We must learn to forgive.

By the way, those relationship themes have been very prominent since November last year, when Saturn moved into the sign of Scorpio, because the sign of Libra (which represents relationships with others) has been hemmed since then between Saturn and Rahu (north node of the Moon). Such configuration has been given much importance in vedic astrology because the sign (and house) that is hemmed between malefic planets (like Saturn and Rahu) experiences distress, as a result of painful lessons we have to learn. But this is a general theme, of course, and whether or not you experience such things would depend on what house Libra falls in your birth chart. For example, if you are Aries rising, Libra is in your 7th house of other people, and in that case relationship theme must have been strong in your life for quite some time now.


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