Beginning of the World War II from astrological point of view

I’ve come across a very interesting information recently and would like to share my thoughts with you. I’m talking about the beginning of the second World War, the most bloody conflict in the known history of humankind in relation to the position of stars and planets. I believe it can serve as a great example of planetary influence on our lives.

Surely there must have been some extraordinary planetary combinations when it all started on September 1st 1939. And yes there were such combinations. First of all let’s look on Saturn, Jupiter and the nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu), as nothing big can happen without influence of those giants (yes, nodes are actually invisible, but nothing can match the level of their influence on human lives, as they are karmic shadow planets).

The most important combination that caused the beginning of the WW2 was the position of Saturn in the sign of Aries, the sign in which Saturn feels most uncomfortable (the sign of his debilitation). The major things that Saturn signifies are boundaries in our lives, structure and order. And what is Aries ? Aries is the first zodiac sign, royal and fiery, ruled by Mars. Whereas Scorpio, ruled by Mars is more about inner wars and conflicts, Aries signifies external conquest, be it pioneering, exploration of the unknown or a war if a need be. Here Saturn loses his power to set boundaries, provide structure and limit that which is needed to be limited in our lives. But there is much more.

Saturn is in close conjunction (about 1 degree) with south node of the Moon, Ketu. Rahu and Ketu had a lot of power during that time, as they were transiting nakshatras (ancient constellations in Vedic astrology) belonging to them: Rahu was in Swati and Ketu in Ashwini nakshatra. So, “weak” Saturn conjoined “strong” Ketu. Actually combination of the nodes and Saturn is considered among the most malefic influences in any sign and house, but with debilitated Saturn such close conjunction is extremely significant. Under this influence, humanity and particularly those who defined the policy of the nations at that period of time lost the ability to discern what is right and what is wrong, boundaries on the level of collective subconscious became rather blurred. And if it wasn’t enough, Uranus energized this combination, being also in Aries sign (wherever 3 outer planets exert their influence, they energize those signs and houses to a great extent[1]).

Jupiter, another giant of our system was transiting the sign of Pisces at the beginning of WW2. Here I want to mention that Jupiter is the only planet capable of pacifying malefic planets to a great extent when it casts its aspect on them, or conjoins them. This wasn’t the case on Sept. 1st 1939 though. And Jupiter was in the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada, ruled by Saturn, who was in quite miserable position at that time, which couldn’t leave Jupiter unaffected. In other words, the great benefic planet, Jupiter, could not save the day unfortunately.


Furthermore, the Sun was very powerful at that time, being at the middle of Leo sign. When the Sun is in Leo, it’s like a King is sitting on his throne. So the ambitions related to power and rulership were amplified at that time significantly. The Sun was aspected by Mars with its 8th aspect, showing that such ambitions were likely to have militaristic shade.

And Mars, the ruler of the Aries, had just entered the sign of Capricorn, where he is exalted, denoting a rise of determination and willpower. But here is an important thing to keep in mind, a planet’s behavior is very much dependant not only on the sign it is in, but also on the conditions of the lord of that sign. So, Saturn (as the lord of Capricorn) was very weak at the time under consideration, thus depriving Mars of strength considerably also. But the most important thing is that Mars and Saturn were in a very close relationship, because not only they aspected each other with their 4th and 10th aspects respectively, but were positioned in each other signs. When two planets exchange signs, they form very close relationship. However Mars and Saturn are inimical towards each other, which exacerbates the situation further, with Saturn being affected much more, due to its debilitation and conjunction with Ketu. Mars was in the nakshatra, ruled by Sun, emphasizing themes of ambitions and leadership even further.


Mercury, the planet of intelligence was transiting the sign of Cancer, which denotes that logic and reasonable approach could be overwhelmed by emotions at that time, because Mercury doesn’t like to be in that sign and sees the Moon as his enemy, which can be easily understood, as emotions more often than not twist our mind and intellect so we are unable to make a weighted decision. Direct aspect of Mars made the chances that those emotions were likely to be related to anger quite high.

The last, but not the least thing to mention speaking of planetary influence is that both giants – Jupiter and Saturn were in retrograde motion at the time under consideration, meaning they were moving backwards as it appears when observed from the Earth. In astrology the retrogression phenomena is given much importance, though no consensus about its exact meaning has been reached so far. Though we can certainly say that planets in retrogression influence us even more for good or bad, amplifying and twisting the effects of a sign and house they are posited in.


Now you might have a question – could this disaster have been avoided or prevented somehow, if such powerful influence existed in heavens ? Well, that’s a difficult one to answer. In my opinion we must take time when it happened into consideration. Because you should keep in mind that we are still living in Kali yuga, which commenced few thousand years ago. This is the worst (if we apply that dualistic terminology of good and bad) of the 4 ages, namely Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali. It is called iron age sometimes. Moral and righteous principles are at their low in this Kali yuga. Humanity as a whole is sleeping and unconscious, which makes wars and other disasters a common occurrence. In this context, I believe it was very hard if not impossible to avoid this war, and perhaps in some sense it was predestined. But now we must learn from mistakes of the past and awake and help others to awake until it’s too late; otherwise we may witness a third world war.




[1] Point of view held by astrologer Ernst Wilhelm


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