A few thoughts on how to deal with the past

  • Most of the times, we do not realize how much time we spend reflecting on the past. This is an innate part of our nature that allows us to grow and evolve as individuals, learning from our mistakes and success. However, there is a flip side of that process, which, if not kept in check can very much affect our lives in a negative way.

    It is good to be able to retrieve whatever information you need from the past and move on, knowing that at any moment you can “come back.” But often, many of us find ourselves lingering there for much longer than it is needed for a variety of reasons. Most common of which, perhaps, include fault-finding (in self or others) and regret (why I did this, why I said that and so on). It is possible even to be stuck in the past, and I’ve actually experienced that myself, when it may seem as if you are going in circles. Certainly some people are more prone to it than the others due to differences in the ways of thinking, emotions, and so forth.

    It can easily drain a lot of your energy over the course of time, the energy that could have been otherwise spent much more efficiently. The truth is that there is no simple way of dealing with it, as it requires self-inquiry and a great deal of willpower to leave the past where it is. However, it might be easier to deal with this problem of “retrograde” thinking if you conceive and accept certain ideas. First of all, we can’t change the past whatsoever, or… can we? Second is that we live only in the present moment, which is constantly involved in the process of being transformed into the past, which leads us to the possibility of transforming the past, but only through our actions in the present ! Meaning – our actions in the present create our past, our karma.

    That idea brings us to a very important point. We are all influenced by our past actions (our karma) whether it is good or not very much so and people tend to think that they can’t change it, but it appears that we can! We just need to live in the present moment, remembering the past, so that we can learn from it, but not linger in it for too long, and create the reality of the present (and through the present that of the past) that we want. In such manner, our past karma will gradually exhaust itself and we shall begin to see the reality we’ve created. In that sense, you can create your destiny.




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